Our Story

/SHēk/ Beauty Collection was founded in August of 2015 by owner, Lola Kelly. Lola was inspired to start her own lash extension supply company because of her research, findings, and experiences as a master eyelash extensionist.  Marked by a commitment to herself and to her customers to use the highest quality in every collection each product has been hand picked, tested, and approved by Lola herself. She has worked tirelessly for nearly 3 years researching best practices and locating premier quality products to carry the /SHēk/ Beauty Collection name.

Nearly eight years into this industry, she has finally given her stamp of approval for this new line of luxury eyelash extensions products.  Her signature suite of lash products are used exclusively on her clientele.  Artists that strive for perfection and demand the best for their clients should look no further.

Our Founder

Lola Kelly

Lola Kelly is the founder behind /SHēk/ Beauty Collection.  Lola built her lash empire from the ground up by incorporating her specialized knowledge base with her own curiosity.

With a solid footprint in the beauty industry as a master eyelash extensionist, Lola had no plans of slowing down and decided that it was time to take her lash business to the next level. Subsequently, with several months of consideration, product testing, package selections, chemist trials, and sleepless nights, /SHēk/ Beauty Collection was birthed and created out of love in 2018.